Playful Gratitude – Mother’s Day Card from Daughter


Embrace humor this Mother’s Day with our ‘Playful Gratitude’ card, a fun nod to being a daughter and a lighthearted ‘burden’.

Playful Gratitude – Mother’s Day Card from Daughter

Infuse Mother’s Day with a dash of humor with our ‘Playful Gratitude – Mother’s Day Card from Daughter’. The card presents a light-hearted take on the everlasting bond between a mother and her daughter, with a playful twist on the words ‘Little Girl’ crossed out for ‘Financial Burden’, bringing a smile and perhaps a knowing nod from moms everywhere.

Available for download immediately after purchase, this card is perfect for printing and expressing your whimsical appreciation for your mom’s unwavering love and support, even through the costly adventures of raising a daughter.

The simple, elegant design with a bold declaration gives way to laughter and love, making this card an ideal choice for daughters who enjoy sharing a joke with their mother. It’s a unique way to acknowledge the countless ways a mother enriches her child’s life, with a touch of comedic relief.

This Mother’s Day, celebrate with a twist by gifting this ‘Playful Gratitude’ card. It’s a charming way to say, ‘Thanks for everything, Mom – even for putting up with my expensive tastes!


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Playful GratitudePlayful Gratitude – Mother’s Day Card from Daughter
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