Reviewer Date Reviewed Star Rating Message
Theresa 12/24/2023 5 Arrived nicely packaged to protect it from being damaged!
Dee 12/21/2023 5 At first I thought the background was grey but when I saved it and posted to an email, it turned white. Very cheerful colours.
Wynter 12/20/2023 2  
rossom2 12/19/2023 5 Very nice, Merry Christmas to you!
Linda 12/18/2023 5 Excellent clip art and easy access.
Susan Stokes 12/17/2023 5 Nice ornament. USPS slow as usual.
Katie 12/16/2023 5 My husband is going to flip when he opens this for Christmas. He named our dog Floki because of the show. Perfect present, and wrapped up nicely! Thank you!
Wendy 12/15/2023 5  
Tara 12/12/2023 5 This was very easy to print
Tara 12/12/2023 5 Great item. Easy to print
Demi 12/11/2023 5 Really great design! Thank you!
Jen 12/11/2023 5 Great item as a gift for family members or just as a home decoration! I gave it to my mom from my son and she absolutely loved it!
Kristin 12/10/2023 5 The item met our expectations!
Marjorie 12/09/2023 4 The font on the mug I received didn’t match what was in the product photo. Too late to return because I needed it for a gift so it will have to do. The seller did acknowledge and apologize for the error, things happen so it’s fine. Shipping was fast and mug seems to be good quality.
Amanda 12/07/2023 5 Great printable. Easy transaction. Instant download.
Cassie 12/03/2023 4 It very sturdy coffee cup
Katie 12/02/2023 5 The toddler parents we prepared this for LOVED it!
Carlene 12/1/2023 4 No review needed with this download
Tammy 12/1/2023 5 Nice sublimation. Came out exactly as shown.
Shannon 11/30/2023 5 Seller was super friendly and quick to respond. Super cute printables!
Chelsea 11/30/2023 2 Not the best quality print
Linda 11/28/2023 5 Christmas Clipart Christmas Bells Clipart Christmas Bell Love the quality of this clipart.
Linda 11/28/2023 5 Christmas Clipart Santa Claus Clipart Christmas Santa PNG, This is the cutest Santa I have found so far. I also purchased the Christmas bell. Love them both.
Theresa 11/28/2023 5 Quality-great
Met expectations
Cute project
Tina Marie 11/20/2023 5 Soooo cute! Kids loved it .
Jenny 11/13/2023 5 Great seller, my husband loved this card
Jamil 11/09/2023 5 As expected … A file to download
Shelbyyy15 11/05/2023 2 The turkey is sloppy looking and looks unfinished on the bottom, like the edges weren’t finished… The concept is cute tho
Catherine 11/05/2023 5 Beautiful! I teach infant class and my parents will love this Xmas gift. Thank you!
debbie 11/04/2023 5 Love it! Can’t wait to use it
Alexis 11/02/2023 5 Pictures turned out so great!
Jacqueline 11/02/2023 2 This item is blurry at the legs of the turkey, it’s a very cute craft idea, but it’s not well executed. Definitely wish I purchased from someone else.
Update: seller message me about my review and was very willing to help me with my concern and for that I rate his costumer service a 4
Angela 10/30/2023 5 Awesome craft for babies! Participants thoroughly enjoyed doing this craft with their  little ones.
joanne 10/29/2023 5 Very cute and easy project
Shayna 10/23/2023 5  
debcosa1 10/22/2023 5 Adorable addition to a 12 month calendar gift!
Ana Wilkens 10/20/2023 5 Looking forward to using it!
Rushni 10/19/2023 5 Beautiful well priced design, thank you
Melissa 10/18/2023 5 😍 😊 😚 🐻 🐰 😍 😊
Sandra 10/15/2023 5 great I love it so much.
Cinthya 10/08/2023 5  
Cheyenne 10/02/2023 5 This was the easiest and cutest craft
Rebecca 09/26/2023 5 Love this!  Easy to download, perfect!
Pamela 09/24/2023 5  
Raychelle 09/08/2023 5  
Jennifer 08/23/2023 5  
Lexie 07/25/2023 5  
A 7/1/2023 5 Very pretty and nice. Just what I was after.
Lori 5/27/2023 5

Perfect for my grandsons graduation! Thanks!

Heather 04/11/2023 5 Put a smile on his face!!
Annie 03/28/2023 5 Great quality. fast response.  Thank you !!
Brianna 03/13/2023 5  
maddieholdbrooks 02/24/2023 5 Lol love it so much! Great gift!
Corby 01/29/2023 5 This mug looks exactly like the photo showed and did meet my expectations. I love this mug.
Jason 01/26/2023 4  
afhakcelt 01/11/2023 5 Exactly as promised. Now I just need to find an Idjits sign to hang up.
Brian Pinkney 01/08/2023 5 Exactly as described. Glad you could add that personal touch.
Heather 01/03/2023 5 Very cute! My mom will love it 🙂
Gayle 01/02/2023 5

Second purchase from this shop.  Great communication from ordering to receipt of the product.  The mugs were as expected and well received. 

Thank you!

pattil123 12/31/2022 5  
joyeuxbijoux 12/28/2022 5 Perfect mug for a coworker!
Allison 12/28/2022 5  
Eve 12/26/2022 5 The mug I ordered is perfect! And it came a little earlier than expected 🙂
shama911 12/26/2022 5 Sent to grandchild. Did not see it. But very quick delivery before Xmas… thank you.
Alyson 12/24/2022 5  
Erin 12/24/2022 5  
davisangelal 12/15/2022 5  
davisangelal 12/15/2022 5  
wyszynm 12/13/2022 5  
Tory Davis 11/26/2022 5  
Mary 11/20/2022 5 Nice shirt, love the design
Anna 11/18/2022 5  
TRISH 11/12/2022 5 Mug is exactly as pictured. Great gift for my husband who’s retired SOF, very funny!  Love it.  Shipped quickly.
Katherine 11/07/2022 5  
Anaiah 10/21/2022 5  
Gina 10/14/2022 5 Cute! Cute! Calendar. Thank you.
Jenna 10/10/2022 5  
Lynn 10/05/2022 5  
Jillian 09/19/2022 5  
Jason 09/14/2022 5 Pretty good mug. The design is just a shade crooked but it’s good for what I’m using it for.
jenna 08/13/2022 5  
McDonald, 08/08/2022 5 The shirt looks great. I had a slight problem with my order (my fault) and the vendor was great about working it out.
Jessica 08/01/2022 5  
Mikaela 06/20/2022 5 Love the mug. I like the size of the cup and the font used for the quote.
Stephanie 06/16/2022 5  
Jenna 06/06/2022 5 Great gift for my alpaca loving friend!
Dawn 06/04/2022 5  
Margaret 05/11/2022 5 This item is exactly what I wanted and came in really quick even with the option for personalization. Thank you!
Blaire Ferry 05/07/2022 5  
Mary 04/01/2022 5 This was a 75th birthday gift for my sister in law. She was so thrilled to receive it! Absolutely beautiful!
Erna 03/09/2022 5 quality was good! did not rub off and the packaging was done well. Shipping took a while though.
Tanya 03/05/2022 5 Very good quality. Purchased for a friend.  He loved it. Would purchase again.
Katie 03/02/2022 5 Love this mug. Came quickly and is great quality. Love this mug to have off camera during Zoom meetings.
Janice 01/29/2022 5 Love this whimsical little mug… it’s a hit at our fiber guild  🙂
Cindy 01/28/2022 5  
Brittany 01/28/2022 5 Packaged excellently, super nice seller and fantastic mug. Very happy!
Tammy 01/26/2022 5 love the callender, good quality
Katie 01/18/2022 5 Great quality mug! Was a gift for a friend, and they love it!
Janice 01/15/2022 5 Sent this as a gift, receiver really likes it! Great work, matches description perfectly
Priscilla 01/11/2022 5 Love it! Thank you =)
Brooke 01/05/2022 5 The shop owner Michael was able to make a personalization to one of the mugs I ordered, and it came out absolutely perfect! My order was shipped promptly, and Michael was friendly and responsive. I highly recommend his shop, and you’ll love these mugs!
Brooke 01/05/2022 5  
Whitney 01/04/2022 5  
Ashley 01/04/2022 5 Great quality & so cute, slightly smaller than I imagined but still just so perfect. I was unsure if it would come in time because when I ordered it they gave me such a long range of when it could delivered but it only took 2-3 weeks to ship!
lynnzurn 01/03/2022 5 First ornament was incorrect but the seller responded quickly and shipped a replacement for free!
hollygbeck 01/01/2022 5 This mug turned out amazing. My momma loved it. The print came out fantastic and shopping was great.
Emily 12/28/2021 5 Exactly as pictured plus the seller added the year for personal customization. Arrived very quickly and in time for Christmas ! Great ornament.
Melissa 12/26/2021 5  
Amelia 12/25/2021 5 My uncle loved it!  Thanks! And merry Christmas!
Holly 12/24/2021 5  
Mikayla 12/23/2021 5 It is very cute and my mom loves this kinda stuff.
Erin 12/21/2021 1

Sadly I never received my order and the seller has stopped communicating with me regarding the replacement order that was allegedly sent out. I have no way of knowing if a replacement order was even sent as I have not received an updated shipment confirmation or updated tracking number for the replacement order. All I have is the original tracking number from the order that apparently got lost in the mail. Very disappointed as this was supposed to be a Christmas gift.

Update: I finally received the replacement order (the first order is still lost somewhere in the mail) and the one stein I ordered has a misspelled word. In the photos I saw for other items, Lagertha was spelled with an ‘e’ and my stein came spelled with an ‘a’. I’m so disappointed in the whole experience I had with this order and shop.

Sharon 12/20/2021 5 Excellent quality and expedited for Christmas delivery.  Thank you so much!
Anne 12/20/2021 5 Looks exactly like the picture.  I think this is going to be the perfect gift for the guy I got it for!
kaycilacob 12/20/2021 5 Came exactly as pictured and described!
Mary 12/19/2021 5  
angelicasanta1 12/18/2021 4  
Heidi 12/17/2021 5  
Christins anglemyer 12/15/2021 5  
Roman 12/14/2021 5  
Kasey 12/14/2021 5  
Cristiana 12/13/2021 5 This was a perfect gift! Great quality
katie 12/10/2021 5 i got it as a christmas present for my dad, ik he’s gonna love it :]
Paula 12/09/2021 5 I purchased this for my granddaughter who completed a two-year welding course. I didn’t remember it had the word FUTURE in the inscription. I thought it just said Best Fuckin’ Welder Ever. Good quality and I know she’ll love it because she’s now a welder and has a potty mouth. Perfect.
hmartin54 12/08/2021 5  
punkbunny 12/02/2021 5  
Linda 11/29/2021 5 So cute!  Personalization was correct and well done.
Christopher 11/24/2021 5 I am a descendant of Ragnar. I love the way your design looks. The ability to put your own message on the back is great.
aliciaclarkbooks 11/12/2021 5 My husband loves it!  Highly recommended seller!
miranda 11/01/2021 5  
Roxanne 09/21/2021 5 This mug was the perfect gift for my son. The quality was great, as usual. Item was shipped quickly and packaged well. Great seller!
Donna 09/14/2021 5 She’ll love it!  This mug is a gift for my niece who is away for her freshman year of college.   The mug arrived quickly and in perfect condition.   Thank you so much!
Ceci 09/13/2021 5 My best friend and I have an ongoing alpaca joke and most of the things I find are llamas so this is absolutely perfect!! And it’s so cute!!
Erin 08/30/2021 5 Super fun and sturdy mug.
Kendra 08/27/2021 5  
Ann 08/26/2021 5 adorable design. Packed for shipping really well!
Ross 07/19/2021 5 Great customer service!
Freda 07/03/2021 4 There was a mistake with my order and it was taken care of kindly and with my great appreciation.
Loren 06/28/2021 5 Love this item! Item was exactly as described and the seller was great to work with. I needed my items shipped to 2 different addresses and the seller quickly responded that he would be happy to help me with that. My father & father-in-law both enjoyed receiving these for Father’s Day! Would definitely purchase again!
Phillip 06/25/2021 5  
Riles 06/17/2021 5  
Holly 06/15/2021 5  
Christine L Lee 06/12/2021 5  
Marissa 05/28/2021 5 the shirt looks amazing and will be buying from again
Ashley 05/28/2021 5  
Julia Mcbarron 05/27/2021 5 Funny item. Large enough for a REAL cup of coffee.  Packed well.
Angela 05/25/2021 5  
David 04/29/2021 5  
Janine 04/19/2021 5  
Elizabeth 04/14/2021 5 Bought this for my husband for his birthday. He loved it! I was very pleased with how the mug turned out as well.
Arnold 04/14/2021 5 found my first one so nice, I bought this second one
Brandi 04/11/2021 5 Mug is so me, sad but true…hahaha!  Thank you to the seller for having great mugs that make me laugh!
Brandi 04/11/2021 5 Great mug to help get me through the work day!  Shipping was fast!
jmacias7817 04/09/2021 5 My wife enjoys her teas and coffee with this mug!! thank you for making my wife happy!!
Christina 04/03/2021 4 Do not follow the size chart that is provided. Shirts are actually smaller than what that says. Other than that the shirt is great.
Lesley 04/02/2021 5 Arrived in great shape!! Love it!! Thank you!
Riley 03/29/2021 5  
Arnold 03/28/2021 5 excellent quality shirt and design applied
countrygirl0413 03/18/2021 5 Bought this for my sister in law and her boyfriend for Christmas and they absolutely loved them.
Tori 03/17/2021 5 Absolutely love this!! They are beautiful and they make me smile in the morning when I read them!! Thank you for these amazing cups!!
Kaleb 03/11/2021 5  
Howard 02/15/2021 5  
Allison 02/14/2021 5 I love this mug so much!
Kendra 02/12/2021 5 Puuurrfect and cockey!!!!!!!! Got exactly what I ordered
Aubree 02/11/2021 5  
Maureen 02/10/2021 2  
ellehull 02/02/2021 5 The best work mug ever! It’s fair warning to disruptions and annoyances.
Caroline 02/01/2021 4 Product as shown in picture. Really cute and funny mug. The missing star is because shipping took over a month and I never received an answer to a message I sent to the shop.
amyccross 01/31/2021 1  
Mary 01/30/2021 5 Perfect for my dad as a Christmas present and arrived just in time too!
Eva 01/18/2021 2  
vramirez199121 01/17/2021 1 I haven’t received my package yet to review. Ordered over a month ago.
Zoey 01/16/2021 5  
Brittany 01/16/2021 5  
Meghan 01/14/2021 5  
sarahcbowen 01/13/2021 5 The mug came quickly, was packaged well, and is super fun!
Annette 01/13/2021 5 Super cute 😍 my best friend will love it.
Valerie 01/10/2021 5 large, sturdy mug-a fun gift for a special coffee drinker
Shannon 01/08/2021 5  
lpalmer663 01/08/2021 5  
Chase 01/06/2021 5 Shipped quickly and looks good!
Lauren 01/05/2021 5  
sarahboies1229 12/31/2020 5 Arrived early and was packaged very well!
Juliette 12/30/2020 5  
Randa 12/29/2020 5  
Matthew Houser 12/29/2020 5  
Dave 12/29/2020 5 Great service, fast shipping, thanks!
Guy 12/29/2020 5 Our friends love this gift. Seller notified us of delivery and item was well packaged.
Lulu 12/28/2020 5  
Michele 12/27/2020 4 The only reason I did not give 5 stars was because it didn’t arrive in time for Christmas, but other than that, great product and great seller communication
cgb6689 12/27/2020 5 Great product! My uncle loved it. Fast shipping as well.
Jordynne 12/26/2020 5  
Ashley  12/26/2020 5  
deanna 12/24/2020 5  
Jenna 12/23/2020 5 Great product and friendly, communicative shop owner. Would recommend.
Angela 12/22/2020 5 The mug arrived earlier than the estimated time. It was very well packaged and is more beautiful in person. Pictures won’t do it justice! My husband is gonna love it when he opens his Christmas gift. Thank you so much!
Michele 12/21/2020 3 While the mug is of decent quality, the graphic is very dark and you can’t read the small print. This was supposed to be a gift and I don’t feel comfortable giving this due to the graphics quality. Sorry.
Anne 12/19/2020 5  
Adriana 12/18/2020 5 Even better in person! This is a gift for my uncle and I cannot wait for him to open it! I got it personalized too with his name on the mug. Love it!
Rachelle 12/17/2020 5 Thanks my friend. Looks just like the picture. My Auntie will love it. 🙏🏻
Rose 12/16/2020 5 This gift was perfect, well crafted and everything that I asked for. Came on time and Michael was very helpful. Will order from MagicalDuck again 🥰
Lori 12/16/2020 5 The cup is beautiful and the packaging was so good !! Thank you !! Would highly recommend!!
jeepgal99 12/13/2020 5 Fast and fantastic!! Very pleased with it!
Jessica 12/09/2020 5  
Ilse 12/07/2020 5  
dkmills10 12/06/2020 5  
Jess Marie 12/05/2020 5 Perfect! He loved the liberal tears mug. Well done!
Joy 12/04/2020 5 Love them! Thank you so much!
Joy 12/04/2020 5 Perfect! Delivered much quicker than expected! Thank you!!!
elizabeth 12/04/2020 5 Perfect! My dad loved it!!
Nikole 12/03/2020 2 I just received the mug & it’s not personalized. I entered the name that I wanted on the mug & arrived without it. Don’t offer it, if you don’t do it.
Alyssa 12/03/2020 2 I feel like the image was definitely different when I purchased this item. It looked like the print was pretty small and thin running along the top of the sock, and now it’s depicted as much larger/wider. It’s even wider on the actual item, covering almost the entire space above ankle. I also expected the color to be bright as in the photo, but it’s a completely different, muted shade of blue. Maybe I didn’t realize how large the actual letters were, but it’s still not as expected even if that’s taken into account. unfortunately, it just looks nothing like the picture and I’m pretty disappointed. Shipping was fine.
Carmela 12/03/2020 5  
Jennifer 12/01/2020 5 Looks great, my dad is going to love this!!
Janet 12/01/2020 2 It looks fantastic, but is so thin & doesn’t have good hems, so it rolls down your face.
Kim 11/23/2020 5  
Patt 11/23/2020 1 So thin its like using a nylon stocking!
Supplier will not acknowledge my complaint!
Will boy buy from Etsy again as they are no help!!
kimberly 11/19/2020 5 Gorgeous.  High quality!  Personalized!  Very pleased!!
Gia 11/18/2020 5  
Meghan 11/15/2020 5  
Christine L Lee 11/15/2020 5  
Christine L Lee 11/15/2020 5  
Christine L Lee 11/15/2020 5  
Teddy 11/14/2020 5 Love the mask.  MagicalDuck shipped fast!
Ann 11/13/2020 5 This is a really cute shirt. I like the red gnome print on the forest green shirt. That works really well.
Selina 10/30/2020 5  
Faxy 10/29/2020 5 Cute necklace; speedy delivery.  Thanks!
Elena 10/28/2020 5 Excellent customer service, was able to provide the shirt in a special requested size and color. Was beautifully designed, well made and would buy from again in a heartbeat.
Violet 10/27/2020 5 Great quality and exactly as described!
Thank you so much! Highly recommend this seller!!!
shawnnave 10/05/2020 5 Flag Looks Great!  Nice Work.  Thank You!
Shannara 10/03/2020 5  
Victoria 10/02/2020 4 Fits a little weird but made well.
Kayla 09/29/2020 5 These custom cups turned out exactly as expected. I gave them to my husband for our anniversary and he loved them
Beckie 09/29/2020 5  
Beckie 09/29/2020 5  
Rachel 09/20/2020 5  
Sunshine 09/19/2020 5 Perfect…. hoping to debut it after the election! LOL
aricard99 09/15/2020 5  
Freeman 09/11/2020 5  
Taylor 09/08/2020 5  
winnarae51 08/30/2020 5 Fast delivery A gift for my sister she loves it
choose2bfit 08/27/2020 5 Love my mug!  Had a minor issue with the mug and he made sure to make it right.  His customer service is excellent! This seller is honest and makes sure his customers are fully satisfied.  Will definitely do business gain!  Thank you!!!
Crystal 08/26/2020 5 Great Mug! Turned out exactly like the photo. Thank you.
Dani 08/15/2020 5  
Sarah 08/10/2020 5  
Rod 08/03/2020 5 Excellent mug but if I had it to do over again, I would have chosen the larger size. I do love my coffee in the morning. But the mug is of excellent quality, I love the saying on the cup and the delivery was on time.
I will be ordering more from this store.
Marissa 08/03/2020 5 These make the best engagement present!
nicoliteus 07/26/2020 5 Fast shipping. My parents really like it.
Michelle 07/22/2020 5 Got this for a friend who loves alpacas as a gift and she loves it! Quality is great as well, looks exactly like the picture. Thank you!
Inactive Etsy Member 07/22/2020 5  
Tracey 07/15/2020 5 These make a grrreat gift – they loved them!  Definitely recommend!
David 07/05/2020 4 The print is a bit light, but other than that met my expectations.
Kitty Stafford 07/05/2020 5 My husband absolutely loved this custom made coffee cup from our daughter.
Lisa 06/24/2020 5 My bonus dad loved it!
Will Burns 06/21/2020 5  
Hailey 06/16/2020 5  
robert208 06/08/2020 2 Made in freaking CHINA !!?
Renee 06/05/2020 5 Great cup, no issues, seller has great communication
Sarah 06/04/2020 5 My sister really liked her mug, which means I’m very happy with the purchase. She sent me pics and it came out exactly as I’d hoped. 🙂
Megan Orr 06/02/2020 5 Unfortunately because of all the craziness in the world right now the mug arrived well after mother’s day, as I should have expected, but was well worth the wait! She loves it. Thanks so much! I’m more looking forward to when she shows it to my older brother 😜
stacey 06/02/2020 5 Adorable! Came right on time
Sarah 05/27/2020 5 Perfect gift for a laugh!
JG 05/27/2020 5 Nice quality shirt. Shipping was a bit delayed
Emily Catherine O’Connell 05/27/2020 5 This shirt is great! It lightens up a hard time for us as Americans. It was a gift for my son and he loved it. I have a word about the vendor, Michael. He is one of the nicest people that I have ever had to speak with on Etsy. He was helpful and informative. There are other shirts out there but I would suggest this shop. You will never regret it!
michellesalloum 05/26/2020 4 Great product, bought as a gift for Mother’s Day. Shipping took weeks so it did not arrive in time for Mother’s Day even though it was purchased well ahead of time.
Shane 05/26/2020 5 Exactly as described and securely packaged.
Georgia 05/26/2020 5 Great purchase! Product was personalized, which added a special touch for a Birthday Gift.  Arrived on time, and was in good packaging.  I would buy from this vendor again.
Paul 05/25/2020 5  
Angie 05/23/2020 4 My mom got her mug today and absolutely loved it!! Thanks so much!!
randolph 05/21/2020 4 …. ……. ……. ……….  …….
Chelsea 05/19/2020 5  
LakshmiK55 05/18/2020 5 My stepmom LOVES it!  Thank you!
Mary 05/17/2020 5  
Dakota 05/16/2020 5  
Nicole 05/11/2020 5  
Lauren 05/08/2020 5 Love it! Gave my mom a good laugh. SUPER nice seller. Went out of his way to help me. Highly recommend! Went above and beyond.
Barbara 05/05/2020 4 Cute outfit delivered quickly. The only thing I think that could have been better is the color of the ducks. They would have looked nicer if they were darker so they stood out better on the red onesie like pictured on the site
j 05/02/2020 5  
Kellie 05/02/2020 5  
Brian 05/01/2020 5 Mug came out as described.  Great communication with seller.  Highly recommend.
Heather 04/28/2020 5 Was a gift that was well liked!
Jadieeepooo 04/22/2020 5  
Girl 03/08/2020 5 Great bracelet, light weight, easy to read and squeeze if you want tighten it a little. It was perfect for the Viking themed wedding I went to! I got several compliments 🙂 (Earrings by EarthyGalDesigns on Etsy)
Sandy 02/16/2020 5 This got just the reaction I was hoping for!  Haha!
Sandy 02/11/2020 5 Very cute necklace! I love it!
Kayla 02/10/2020 5  
Kayla 02/10/2020 5 I love it!!!
Cathy 02/03/2020 5  
Sally 01/24/2020 5  
Charlee 01/13/2020 5 Best Christmas gift from my 9 yr old daughter to her Dad. My husband loves it and always smiles when he uses it! Thanks for the quick shipping! I will return to buy more products soin ❤❤
Kaitlyn 01/12/2020 5  
Trisha 01/11/2020 5  
prncssmach 01/03/2020 5  
Ana 01/03/2020 5 Amazing and so funny! 100% satisfied 🙂 I recommend this shop.
Ana 01/03/2020 5 Amazing and so funny! 100% satisfied 🙂 I recommend this shop.
Deana 01/02/2020 5 This was a Christmas gift. The seller did an amazing job getting it there on time and my coworker was so thrilled with her gift
Heidi 01/01/2020 5 Great mug – received quicker than promised. Thank you
Briana 12/23/2019 5 Awesome! Just like the picture and came on time!
krpeanut01 12/22/2019 5  
Erica 12/21/2019 5 Fast shipping! Exactly what I wanted!
KW1234 12/20/2019 5 Thank you for carefully packaging this!  It made it safe and sound.  Happy Holidays!
Natalie 12/20/2019 5  
Inactive Etsy Member 12/20/2019 5 My sister’s boyfriend is going to love this!
Kevonna 12/17/2019 5 Got this for my boyfriend he loved it !!! This is definitely his new favorite mug
Anita 12/16/2019 5 Super fast shipping – cute product – recommend!!!
kaufmacheryl 12/14/2019 5  
Kaylee 12/12/2019 5  
Lindy 12/08/2019 5  
Christy 12/05/2019 5  
Eve 12/05/2019 5 Exactly as promised! Thank you, very happy with this item!
Saija 12/04/2019 5 Great! Perfect for history teacher!
Thomas 12/03/2019 5 This item is a hilarious addition to the holidays! I absolutely love this mug; used it a few times already for a good laugh. Structurally, as far as the product goes, it is a solid coffee mug. The printing is clear and there are not any issues when washing it. I would rebuy from this seller.
Jess 11/02/2019 5 Unfortunately it was too cool for just a short sleeve shirt on Halloween but this onesie complimented her Valkyrie outfit wonderfully! Now she can wear it whenever…along with her hammer!
Catie 10/31/2019 5  
DallasDee 10/16/2019 5 This is SUCH a beautiful mug! Fall is my favorite season  and I will use this year round! Thank you so much!
cdt007 10/05/2019 2 The cup was great. The service was not. The cup was a gift. The website asked if was a gift and when you click the box it asks for a message to the recipient. The package arrived but I had not heard from them. I then had to call the person to see if they received the “gift” and that it hadn’t been stolen. They had received it but no idea who it came from. When I emailed the shop, I was told they don’t put notes in boxes. Huh?? Then why ask if it’s a gift and give an option for a note?
Donna 09/24/2019 5 The mug arrived in perfect shape.   My niece will love it.   Thank you!
Donna 09/24/2019 5 The mug arrived in perfect shape.   My niece will love it.   Thank you!
Kori  09/24/2019 5 It’s so cute! Good weight, and great size (:
shannon 09/23/2019 5  
Roxanne 09/19/2019 5 My son works as hard as three men at his job, and expects everyone else on the team to do the same! This was a perfect mug to have at the table with the rest of the guys. You can find a mug in this shop to reflect just about every attitude. I had fun shopping but hard to narrow down all of the great choices. My order came packaged well, and in good time. Thank you!
Roxanne 09/19/2019 5 This mug took me years back to some wonderful memories. Every time I see it, I smile. Great mug, came packaged well and in good time. Recipient loved it!
Roxanne 09/19/2019 5 Absolutely love this mug! Perfect for the recipient. This shop literally has a mug for everyone’s sense of humor. My order came packaged well and in good time.
Brittani 09/16/2019 5 I ordered this mug customized for my stepdad’s birthday. I messaged with the owner and he made sure I was satisfied before he made it. The shipping was quick and arrived in perfect condition. My stepdad loved it! My took a picture of him reading it and the look on his face was one of pure joy! Thank you for helping me make his birthday special!
Jason 09/15/2019 5 Order as described.  Fast professional shipping.  My son loves it.  Was able to customize.  Great experience!  Thank you!
Kristin 09/08/2019 5  
felicia 09/01/2019 5

So cute !

Bought it as a gift and it was a hit ….

Thank you !!

Brittany 08/29/2019 5 Best birthday gift I’ve ever given to him. Thank you!!
Lauren 08/26/2019 5 I love the design and the cup itself. The quote is one of my favorites!
Jen 07/30/2019 5  
marieluise 07/22/2019 5 Just perfect!  My husband is very proud of his new mug.  Shipment was prompt and well packaged.
CJ 07/18/2019 5 Bright white, crisp lettering and a finish as smooth as glass! (I take my coffee mugs very seriously). Shipped fast and arrived sooner than the predicted date. Great shop, I will definitely be back for more.
Maddyfinck 07/07/2019 5  
Deema 07/02/2019 5 My dad laughed so hard!! this gift is awesome.. Thanks
Kayla 06/29/2019 5  
Nanci 06/19/2019 5  
sarahmelinda8 06/19/2019 5  
Jennifer 06/05/2019 5  
Kimberly 06/02/2019 5  
peaches923 05/31/2019 5 Perfect gift for my dad who copied me and got two Klee Kai!
Inactive Etsy Member 05/26/2019 5  
TheUnmasked 05/22/2019 4 Good quality item and well packaged for international post. Very happy.
Regina 05/20/2019 5 Exactly as promised. Arrived in time for Mother’s Day. Thank you!
Tori 05/14/2019 5 Have as an engagement gift, came quickly!
Roxanne 05/09/2019 5 My son’s cat has major attitude, but he treats her like a queen. Bought this mug for my daughter-in-law, and she absolutely loved it! The words were perfectly suited for “Gray Cat”. Thank you for providing mugs with such great humor! Appreciate the quick ship.
Inactive Etsy Member 05/08/2019 5 The item is as described, size corresponds the sizing chart; the fit is loose. Print is soft and looks of high quality one. I am happy with this T-shirt:)
The shipping and handling were very fast, I just would like to recommend you do not use FedEx for shipping to Russia: the shipping is very fast but in fact they do not have appropriate customs authorization in Russia so it causes delays and significant additional payments, although there is no fault of the sender. It is better to use common USPS/Airmail service.
gambitkisses86 04/21/2019 5 Looks exactly as shown. Fast delivery. Very happy with purchase.
mill1701 04/17/2019 5  
melissataor 04/16/2019 5  
ryanscottbenson91 04/08/2019 5  
Savanna 03/25/2019 5  
sweetsweet12345 03/23/2019 5  
Nancy 03/23/2019 5

My son loved the mug.

Shop owner was wonderful to deal with.

Was able to print the verse I wanted on the mug without any additional fees & quick to respond to all correspondence.

Kitty 03/21/2019 5 Look awesome and feel very nice
Lindsay 03/19/2019 4 Shipping was a bit delayed from what was expected but shop owner was GREAT about getting communication back to me. Loved how the mug was packaged as well.
Mary 03/18/2019 5 Arrived on time, well packed to prevent damage, my daughter loves it!
Lauren 03/16/2019 5  
Patricia 03/15/2019 5 Schöne Tasse, gute Qualität. Geht Problemlos jeden Tag in die Abwaschmaschine. Reibungslose Lieferung.
Melubo 03/14/2019 5 Couldn’t be happier with purchase from start to finish. Great vendor, made sure everything was exactly right, accommodated a change in lettering, and delivered in secure packaging. A++
Sam 03/09/2019 5 Flawlessly perfect!  Love it!!!
daniellejakubiec 03/07/2019 5  
Rayle 03/07/2019 5  
Samantha 03/03/2019 5 Excellent and arrived quickly – can’t wait to give to my sister for her bridal shower!
Patty Hyun 02/28/2019 5 they sent me the wrong cup but michael tried very hard to make it right.  I ended up with the right mug and 2 additional mugs!
Kaycee 02/25/2019 5 One of my favorite tee-shirts. It took a while to get but I love it.
Margaret Piantkowski 02/20/2019 5 I ordered and unusual item which, I thought, would take a long time to ship. I did request upon ordering that I would like to receive the item before February 22nd, my friend’s birthday. I received wonderful feedback upon my request and timely notifications and my order was received today just six days after my purchase. Great customer service Great delivery time.  Margaret P in Illinois
pikeplace 02/19/2019 5 Fantastic customer service! The cup arrived perfectly. I couldn’t be more pleased with this company and their quality products.
michaelslxxii 02/17/2019 5  
jennydstephens 02/15/2019 5 I purchased a mug and came exactly as expected.  No issues with shipping. I left a note asking for a little extra personalization and seller accomodated and it turned out great! Very pleased!
Leslie 02/15/2019 5  
Reca 02/13/2019 5 Love this! Great product, fast shipping!
Celeste J. 02/11/2019 5 Great bracelet. Gave it as a present, and she loved it! Put it right on immediately.
Christina 02/11/2019 5  
Stacy 02/04/2019 5 These red wine goblets are stunning!  An absolute showstopper!  The glasses were very well insulated and packaged, and arrived in perfect condition.  I communicated with the designer who made me a custom etching on one of the glasses.  I asked if he could add the House of Stark logo in the design, and it came out fantastic!  Looking forward to using these glasses during Game of Thrones marathon with my friends, and during the final season this April.  Thank you Michael!
Leslie 01/30/2019 5 It was a great gift for a friend, he liked it very much, thank you.
Kayla 01/25/2019 5  
Amy 01/24/2019 5  
shelby 01/23/2019 4 The item was everything my grandfather wanted and more.  If I purchase again, I would order much further in advance as it took awhile for the package to arrive.  I don’t think this was any fault of the seller and I appreciated his responsiveness during the process.  the product is great quality for a reasonable price.
Lisa 01/11/2019 5 Awesome gift for my brother in law.
Laura 01/10/2019 5  
Lindsay 01/09/2019 5 Smaller coffee cup size but the message is perfect and we love it!
Adrienne 01/06/2019 5  
Jennifer 01/03/2019 5 Love it. Perfect little gift
sherri5876 01/01/2019 5 Purchased for my husband for Yule and he loved it! Everything was as described.
Natalie 01/01/2019 5 Came right on time. Seller was very responsive. Item was a funny stocking stuffer for Christmas!
Alison 12/31/2018 5  
robinlynnharrell 12/25/2018 3 Still have not received it.  Was not shipped on time.
jenniferguriel 12/25/2018 5  
Clarissa 12/22/2018 5  
patricia 12/20/2018 5 thanks – very nice quality – for gift sure will love it!
Tranisha 12/17/2018 5  
Anna 12/13/2018 5 Love the shirt it’s perfect for our night shift crew!
J 12/11/2018 5  
Mark 11/30/2018 5  
Victoria 11/18/2018 5 Our son-in-law will love it!!!  Thank you.
Colleen 11/13/2018 5

These are too cool! They came quickly in perfect shape! The raven mug image is awesome! Glad they offer a 15 oz. size….more coffee! Will definitely be returning to Magical Duck!

Thanks Michael!

Gany 11/12/2018 5  
kmds59 11/02/2018 5 A mighty fine addition to our holiday mugs.  It holds a generous amount of coffee and easily hangs on our mug hooks.  Thoroughly pleased with the mug and the service we received.
Marlee 10/19/2018 5  
Lynn 10/12/2018 5 Being a big fan of birds, this when I saw it made me laugh out loud! Thanks for the quick shipping~
Adam 10/01/2018 5  
Judy Sanders 09/14/2018 5 Cute.  Well made and well packaged for shipping.
Courtney 09/12/2018 5  
tabscheinost 09/06/2018 5  
Amy 08/28/2018 5  
Susan 08/27/2018 5 What a wonderful lantern!!! It’s exactly as the shop owner described.  Vintage, old, scratched up a bit which gives it it’s lovely charm.  Package showed up promptly in perfect condition.  Will certainly purchase something from this shop again.  Thank you.
Anita 08/10/2018 5 Ideal for my partner who loves steampunk things
Chivon 07/02/2018 5 Great mug, pretty humorous. Thank you!! Fast shipping too
Vanessa 07/01/2018 5 He loved his bonus dad gift.
Milissa 06/29/2018 2 The mug was packaged nicely, however, when I received the mug there was an orange color dusting all over it that I had to wipe off, also the white lettering was yellow-ish, the quality just wasn’t there. 🙁
Devonne 06/22/2018 4 My husband is very happy with this shirt. It fits him the way he needs it to fit. And he is loves the design! Perfect for him and his love of Norse mythology. It did take a bit before we received the item but we believe it was just the process in making of the shirt. But absolutely worth the wait 🙂
Jessica 06/15/2018 5  
ebnina7280 06/15/2018 5 Didn’t get my shipping notifications but eventually seller messaged me. Dad loved the mug
Toka 06/06/2018 5  
Rachael 05/31/2018 5  
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