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Magical Duck General Store
Michael G. Schurmann Owner


Personalized Mugs, T-shirts Jewelry Gifts For All Occasions

Need a gift for your Spouse, Girlfriend or Co-Worker? You’ve come to the right place! I make mugs, clothing and home decor for people with a little kinky sense of humor.

I worked in my great love, woodworking for years and once I left that labor I decided that A. I couldn’t retire because I’d be so bored and annoyed that my entire family would want to murder me– and B. that I had too much creativity to just hang around and do nothing.

I am fiercely independent so for that reason I decided that I needed to make money and still do something creative that I loved. The Magical Duck was my answer to that.

I go where creativity leads me and I let myself be guided by my own instincts as to what will sell and what makes me smile. I add new products on a regular basis because I love the creativity of the whole thing and I love the ability to add things to please the buyers from the site.

The world is not 100 percent love and light and it’s not all perfection. I make it a point to add a little of the positive and a little of the negative and to be as honest in my products as I try to be in my life.

I have the utmost respect for the people who buy from my store and I do the best I can to create things that will make them smile, laugh, scowl and really feel something when they buy from my store. I gather ideas from my life, from my family and friends.

I dream it up for my customers and I love every moment of it. Have a browse through my daydreams and let me know what you think.

Michael G Schurmann