Reclaimed Longleaf Pine Heart Shaped Edison Bulb Lamp


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This Lamp is made from 100+-Year-old Longleaf pine that was salvaged from an old barn found in the Hill Country of Texas.
If you look at the top of the lamp you see how close the year rings are together as compared to the year rings of today’s Pine.
This is because longleaf pine was harvested from trees that often had grown for 100’s of years.
There is a very limited supply available and the demand has driven the price to over $10.00 per Board foot
The wood is extremely hard and difficult to work with Longleaf Pine is inherently beautiful therefore I do not stain it at all.
To maintain it’s beauty I finished the wood with Briwax imported from Great Britain. This allows the wood to breathe and, over time, build up a beautiful Patina.
Before you invest in this heirloom lamp please look closely at the pictures, there are flaws in the wood. The pictures show flaws a bit darker than they really are, but than I work with wood, I am not a professional Photographer.
The light bulb I supply is in the shape of a Heart of the Edison type and gives off an amber light.
The electrical parts that I used are UL approved.
I have only enough wood to build a total of four of these unique lamps and it will take me about a week to build yours for you.
I hope you or the person you gift this to will enjoy the lamp as much as I enjoy building it.

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