Frank Sinatra Ca Travel Grave Coordinates Map Gps Bracelet Wrist Cuff



Frank Sinatra, CA, Travel, Grave, Coordinates, Map, GPS, Bracelet, Wrist Cuff, Stamped Bracelet, Jewelry, Adjustable Bracelet,


Frank Sinatra Wrist Cuff Bracelet

Frank Sinatra, CA, Travel, Grave, Coordinates, map, GPS, Bracelet, Wrist cuff, Stamped Bracelet, jewelry, adjustable bracelet, magical duck

Stamped Bracelet Size And Details
– One size fits all. Product fits almost everyone upon arrival. It can be easily bent by hand to adjust to fit even the largest wrist.

– Every piece is handmade in the USA so every piece will be 100% unique. There will be slight variations in alignment, font, and deepness of stamp from the mockup on this page and the finished product you receive.

– Made from 100% hand polished 1100 Pure Aluminum. It will never fade, tarnish or rust. It does not leave green marks on your skin like other metals.

– Easy to maintain. It can be hand polished to brand new with a normal cloth.

– 100% sourced, stamped, and shipped from the USA.

*********************** Note**********************
We design all of our original products in San Antonio TX. Our designs are owned by us and cannot be sold by any other Store.
Our products are manufactured and shipped by our production partners from various locations within the United States of America.
Please allow 14 business days for your product to arrive.


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