Planning The Perfect Halloween Party

Planning The Perfect Halloween Party

There are a lot of parents these days who want to protect their children (for good reason) and will not allow them to go trick or treating. In that case, parents must find another way to let their little ones have some fun on All Hallow’s Eve. Here are some options.

To begin with, contact your community recreation center to determine if they are planning Halloween activities. There may be a costume party planned or a night that is crammed packed with games everyone can enjoy.

Parents, who are still apprehensive about allowing their kids to trick or treat in strange neighborhoods, can still let them have some fun by doing so at the local mall. In fact, most mall management encourages tenants to offer candy and other Halloween goodies to their shoppers. Costume contests and parades are another way for the little ones to have some fun and they might just win some prizes.

Anyone living in a small town knows that there are typically special activities for everyone on this night such as concerts and dances.

Many times, there are haunted houses for you and the kids to visit that are sponsored by local communities to help raise funds. They do this by renting a special house for the evening, decorate it and as people take a tour the activities within scare them in the spirit of fun.

Those who prefer to stay home instead of getting out for the evening can bring the Halloween party to their home. This should be planned a few weeks ahead to allow sufficient time to purchase decorations, send invitations and stock up on a supply of food and treats.

This is a good way for you and the kids to spend some quality time together getting all the arrangements made and decorating the house. Décor ideas may hinge around fake spider webs at the entry covering tombstones cut from Styrofoam. Pumpkins cut into Jack-o-lanterns with lights shining through the features are a must.

Sound effects and spooky songs downloaded from the Internet and loaded onto your MP3 player can be set to play on speakers throughout the house. Some dry ice strategically places will help create a foggy atmosphere for people to experience as they approach your house.

Guests will only have a good time if you provide them with lots of food and drinks of which to partake. To keep the party from becoming boring, it is best to plan for lots of fun activities like games so that everyone can get involved.

Make sure that you have some appropriate gifts to be used for prizes at the end of the games. People will be expecting something interesting and unique. Today with COVID and other issues, even some great gaiters and masks would be a good prize for teens or children.

Scare Crow Yard Flags

Bobbing for apples is an old tried and true game that everyone loves. All you do is place a tub of water in the right location and float apples on top. The game is played by letting participants try to pick up apples with their teeth.

A few dishes that are ideal for the Halloween theme would be tomato soup which can look like blood and spaghetti and meat balls that can be made to look like eyeballs.

With kids attending, you will want to ensure that they will have games that are appropriate for them. Pin the bone to the skeleton is a take off of pin the tail on the donkey and is just right for kids. Caramel apples are a great snack for kids and all they need do is grab one when they want it for a healthy treat.

Since kids are candy fanatics, you should make sure to have plenty on hand. As a thank you for coming, prepare loot bags for everyone to take home with them.

It may take a lot of work to plan and host a Halloween party, but just knowing that everyone had a great time makes it all worthwhile. With that satisfaction, all that is left to do is to clean up and return your home to normal.

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