How hard can it be to be a Father?

There is an old German proverb that says”
“Vater werden ist nicht schwer
Vater sein dagegen sehr”

Translated it means to become a father is not difficult, but to be a father, in contrast, is very difficult.

I was blessed with four children, three sons, Tony, Timothy, and Michael, and one daughter, Madeleine.

Like all parents, we had our ups and downs raising these children. There were many good times and a few bad ones too. Then, in August 1983 Tragedy struck when the second child, Timothy at only 17 years of age suddenly passed away. Nobody could explain what happened he simply fell down and was dead as if a switch was thrown, the Doctor said everything just stopped suddenly.
it took a long time to overcome this I still think of him often even now after 38 years I can’t understand why this occurred.
Now my eldest Tony was diagnosed with throat cancer in June 2020. He is only 57 years old. Everything humanly possible was tried to heal him and nothing has worked. By July he ould no longer tal and had to be fed through a tube in his stomach. But he never gave up. neither did his wife nor us parents. He went to specialists in Houston, Phoenix, Tulsa, and Memphis. He is in constant pain and even endured having part of his tongue and teeth surgically removed so he would not keep biting himself.
Yet nothing has worked. I live in San Antonio and he lives near Memphis in Mississipi.
We traveled to visit him last week and thank God that he recognized us and knows we love him with all our being.
On Friday past, he was admitted to a Hospice facility where he is very well cared for and gets medicine to try and stabilize him so he might go home once more. The facility is very caring and allows his wife and daughter to stay with him around the clock. My daughter-in-law is an Angel from heaven and has given up everything to care for him since he took ill. she has the patience of job and the strength of Atlas. No human neither Tony nor her should ever have to go through this much pain.
All I can do now is to pray and ask for prayers for both of them. Why does the almighty allow this much suffering?

Yes, I concur to be a father is very difficult.

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