Mother’s Day and Its Roots

Mother’s Day and Its Roots


Contrary to what any might believe, Mother’s Day was not a holiday that just popped up one day because it would make card making companies make more money. Along with the creation of Mother’s Day came the controversies. To this day, there are still lawsuits about the proper user of “Mother’s Day” and debates on the person who invented the holiday. One of the founders exerted effort in having the said holiday scratched from different books after laboring to make the day a national celebration.

How Mother’s Day Came to Be

The first Mother’s Day happened in the early part of the 1900s. It was when Anna Jarvis began campaigning for a special day to honor mothers back in 1905, which was the year her mother passed. In 1908, the first big Mother’s Day celebration took place in Grafton, West Virginia—Anna’s hometown. There, she held a beautiful public memorial for her late mother.

A few years after the memorial, Jarvis made efforts to have Mother’s Day recognized as an official holiday. It was then celebrated in more states. In 1914, a proclamation signed by President Woodrow Wilson made an official holiday of Mother’s Day, which would be celebrated every May’s second Sunday.

It was called Mother’s Day so that each person can celebrate his or her own mother. This way, each woman could experience the personal love her family has for her as a mother.

The Controversy

a-mom-like-you-mothers-day-gift-white-ceramic-coffee-mug-5e82329dAnna Jarvis did not stop at making Mother’s Day a national holiday. She was not contented with how the day was celebrated. She worked with florists and recommended the white carnation to be the official flower of Mother’s Day.

During the first few years of the official Mother’s Day celebration, Anna saw how various businesses and charities made extra profit from the holiday. To her, the commercialization was defeating the purpose because it was day meant for some personal, private time between a mom and her kids. Jarvis ended up spending her money filing lawsuits against those who profited from Mother’s Day.

Present Day Celebration

Mother’s Day is always a special day to celebrate the woman who gave birth to you and raised you the best way she could.

A greeting card, a special lunch or dinner, a cake, a bouquet of her favorite flowers, or a special gift are usually the options for present day Mother’s Day. For a more sentimental approach, you can call your mom, visit her, go to the park with her, or send her photos of animal moms and their offspring.


It doesn’t matter how you celebrate Mother’s Day. It’s the love you have for your mom that matters, no matter how close or far apart you are from each other.

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