Fall Weddings–Outdoors Works and Keeps You Safer.

Given the prevalence of COVID 19 and so much need for social distancing, an outdoor wedding is the right solution. It allows people to go to your wedding and celebrate but still to keep that social distancing and stay safer. The CDC has declared that getting outside is a lot less risky than having functions indoors where there is a greater chance that people will be in closer proximity.The Hunt is Over - Outdoor Wedding - Hunting Mug - Fishing Mug - Outdoor Groomsmen Gift - Wedding Party Gift - Couple Engagement Gift - Tea

There is nothing more beautiful than a fall wedding. The autumn colors lend themselves well to the kind of crisp autumn day that provides for fun and frolic in the cooler sunny autumn days.

When you think about autumn weddings, you may also think about something a little less formal. This affords you the means to do the informal outdoor wedding where cool things like cowboy boots and hats can be worn and you can let your hair down a little even during the ceremony.

Think .. prairie skirts and ruffled blouses if you’re looking for something a bit relaxed but with a little formality and think cowboy or cowgirl clothing as well as a great set of metal wine goblets or even these great mugs for the toast.

A fine ale is no less tasty than a glass of wine to salute the bride and groom so offering it up in an amusing way will be the hit of the afternoon. Holding the ale in a coffee mug with a slight head on the beer would be interesting and fun for the party. Make sure that you buy mugs for all of the people who will be seated at the head table or will be part of the wedding party and you’ll make the whole day more fun.

Fall Weddings–Outdoors