Funny Animal Coffee Mugs Alpacas And More


During the Christmas holidays, there is nothing better than sitting down in a warm home to watch the lovely tree glisten while holding a nice warm mug of your favorite drink.

Mugs are a part of any holiday,  whether we realize it or not.  No matter what the season, summer or winter, you can give interesting gifts to your family and friends using mugs.

From the Fourth of July to birthdays to 911 commemoration, they will make remarkably fun gifts for nearly anyone.

If you are looking for a small and unique gift to give someone this year, consider these fun and original ideas.

You can choose mugs to suit their personality. If one person loves dogs, consider getting a dog mug, while if someone else loves sports, you can get a m

ug with their favorite team on the front. It’s also interesting to get them some kind of comical or fun mug such as the alpaca or llama mugs— animals known for their distance spitting.

Interesting mug designs are available all over the internet and taking a walk through the pages of will give you plenty of mugs to work with.

Not only can you give a great comical mug, but you can also add recipes to them .. print out recipes for things like homemade mead or wine or even mulled cider and include those in the mug as a part of the gift.

Make sure you include instructions about how to mix the ingredients so they will know what to do. Finally, wrap the gift with tissue paper or cellophane wrap to complete the present.

These are fun gifts to give and receive.

Those who get these will think the uniqueness is wonderful and will be excited about making their delicious treat. If you are giving one to someone in a family, however, make sure you make one for each person in the family so they can enjoy them together. Using mugs for gifts is a great way to create something personal and interesting without spending a lot of money. These mugs are perfect for teachers, friends, and neighbors.