Decorate — Steampunk Style

Steampunk isn’t the most well-known of decorating concepts. If you’re looking for ideas on how to incorporate some steampunk flare into your decorating, you need to keep two things in mind. Victorian and Industrial. Those two words are a great part of the steampunk concept. This blog is designed to give you a little bit of help if you’re searching for some great ideas. Here we go!

1. Use neutral muted colors. What do I mean by neutral and muted? Sepia, dark reds, creams, black, dark green, and browns. You can choose to combine or use the colors according to the room. Adding metallic accents and accessories works too!

2. Refurbished furniture. If you want to stay true to the steampunk theme, you won’t be going near any new furniture, unless, of course, it’s specifically Victorian in design!

3. Exposed brick. If you have any brick walls in your home or apartment then leaving them exposed or even painted a dark color is a great industrial look.

4. Old maps and globes. Maps that appear on aged (yellowed) paper is a great idea for frames. Old globes such as these ones are also great ideas for your steampunk décor.

5. Leather items or furniture. These leather items are usually brown, but depending on your décor, black works too.

6. Hats. Specifically, top hats and Bowler hats. Assuming that you don’t own any, having an old top hat or bowler hat hanging on a rack such as this, is a great way to impress guests and give the place a steampunk feel. You can also hang an old pocket watch there for good measure.

7. Pipes, steam gauges, and water valve wheel handles. These are a great idea as part of your décor. Again, think industrial!

8. Your lighting matters! You can use Victorian lamps, but you also want that industrial feel as well. If you want your room to truly be done steampunk style, you can’t have one without the other. These lights are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens and even an office.

9. Framed sepia pictures in antique frames. This really brings in the old Victorian feel to your room.

10. Airships! You can’t turn down a great airship! Hang it in a corner or anywhere. Aviator goggles go right along with them!

This is just a small list of the things that can help you get started with your new steampunk atmosphere. Welcome to Steampunk!