Traveling – Coordinates To Famous Places

Traveling – Coordinates To Famous Places

Most of us would love nothing more than to pack our bags and head off to some other country. We all have at least one far off place that we’ve wanted to see before we die. Sadly, there are many that will never make it to their dream destinations. Traveling isn’t always that easy. On top of being very expensive (even if you’re not leaving the country), it’s also difficult to take time away from work, and isn’t always possible for those with illness and advanced age. For that reason, Magical Duck has come up with a way to bring that dream place to those that either haven’t taken their vacation yet, or may never accomplish that dream.

These bracelets have coordinates stamped on them. If you type the coordinates into a GPS system, it will bring up the location of the area that you’ve always wanted to visit. They can be used as an addition to surprise vacation tickets, as reminders of where you have been, or for those that want to keep their dreams of traveling alive.

Sometimes there are places that don’t allow you to visit. Because of either war or various other troubles, there are times when you can’t reach the area that you want to see the most. For that reason they have left coordinate personalizing wide open for those that need it. If you have wanted to visit Jerusalem but don’t have the ability, they have a coordinate bracelet already made and available for that. From Paris to the terracotta armies of China, if you have a dream spot, Magical Duck may already have it available. Seriously, they even have coordinates to the Bermuda Triangle. That’s awesome.

Not only are there destination bracelets; there are also coordinate bracelets that offer the rough location of some of the world’s most famous people. Marilyn Monroe, Bruce Lee, and even Wyatt Earp are just a few to be named. You’re probably sitting there perplexed. Those people aren’t alive anymore. True. However, they do have famous resting places! Get it now? Magical Duck has new coordinate bracelets that take you to the cemetery where those individuals are buried. Some of the coordinates take you directly to the grave itself. So, if you’ve always found Bruce Lee to be one of your greatest heroes, you can now own a bracelet that can take you to where he’s currently buried.

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