Celebrate Your Hobbies

With so many people doing the stay at home thing the past few months, it’s become imperative that we have some kind of a hobby. Something to pass the time and help them to stay sane with working from home and being cooped up is what many people are looking for and people have come up with some amazing new hobbies.

Some have taken a vast amount of effort to get engaged in and people are rightfully proud of what they have accomplished to begin the new hobby.

Many people are learning astronomy. Others have taken to model airplanes, while still more have purchased HO Train sets to build small villages from trains.

All of these things, and many more such as collecting dolls or teddy bears or antique glassware count as hobbies.


What is a Hobby?

A hobby is an activity or interesting past time that people take up to add to their pleasure or fun during the course of leisure time.

Lately, given the many things that COVID 19 has curtailed, hobbies have needed to be those things that can be done at home or alone or done with another person on skype or by some other socially distance method.  Many people have taken to learning new things such as weather forecasting or amateur radios or even reptile keeping/herpetology.






Hobbies can include things like:

Ham Radios



Book or Photo restoration




Floral arranging

Tying Flies

Reptile Keeping

Pottery or Ceramics



Celebrate the hobbies that you and your friends have undertaken during this difficult time. Take time to encourage someone in their newfound skills or to encourage them to continue what they’ve been doing. at the very least, celebrate your own new hobby by purchasing a coffee mug, a wine decanter or a tee that loudly and proudly proclaims what you’ve been doing the past couple of months.

Got Hobbies? Magical Duck will Help you Celebrate.