Gay Pride Gifts, June is LGBT Month, Follow Your Rainbow


Gay pride is something that is relatively new to our society but something that has been a long time coming. That means that a gay pride gift can serve a wide range of different functions. It can be a symbol of the solidarity that you feel when you belong to or support the gay pride community or the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgender community. The gift and the sentiment and solidarity can be as public or as private as you wish it to be.

Giving a gay pride gift means that you love or care for someone who is part of that community and you want them

to know how much they mean to you. Many gay pride gifts incorporate the rainbow which has long been affiliated with the GLBT community. It evolved in San Fran cisco when an artist named Gilbert Baker used it in 1978. It is now a timeless symbol of gay pride that is used every year in parades all over the world. There have been other symbols and other ways to commemorate things but the rainbow is by far the one that people know and recognize best.

Giving a gay pride gift can be something as simple as a tee shirt or as involved and considerate as a mug that touts your love for this gay person or their love of another person. The mugs or tees as well as other gifts can be personalized. Using their name and the name of their loved ones you could use these mugs as gifts for gay pride as well as gifts to commemorate their love and devotion to the other member of the duo.

While variations of the different sexual orientations exist and many are accepted there are still those who are homophobic in nature. They are less than accepting of the different sexual orientations and use them to belittle others. Show you are not afraid of people being different and that you love everyone equally with your gay pride gift. Let them know you are proud of them every day,  and that you support their choices.