I love the taste of liberal tears in the morning

It’s no secret that the Democrats, or as the libertarians and conservatives call them, “the liberals” have been overwhelmed by the election of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States. It’s been a source of pain and consternation to the Democratic party since the election took place.

In fact, one of the only times in history that a president being elected was protested and that the capital was marched on was during this election. That in and of itself was a source of anger for the Republican party since they considered that the Democrats were protesting a legal and a viable election.

Donald Trump, not one to mince words had his own commentary about the “liberals” and their issues with his presidency. It became a joke for the liberal contingent to comment on the “libertarians” and their guns and God, while the conservatives made jokes about the Liberal Tears.

One of the most common insults that was heard was “I love the taste of liberal tears in the morning.” and that is our topic for the Liberal Tears coffee mug.

Designed as a protest of what many feel is mistreatment and disrespect for the office of the President of the United States, if you feel that Donald Trump just hasn’t done all that badly, then our Liberal Tears coffee mug is for you.

Do you just love the taste of Liberal Tears in the morning? Grab a coffee mug that expresses your feelings about it and taste your morning coffee in the Liberal Tears coffee mug from Magical Duck.